Sabika in Rigaon with women of WEP

After the construction of the workshop, which allowed the proper development of the project, WEP was able to create a cooperative with the name: 


Namaste Entrepreneurship WOmen SAving And Credit Cooperative

An order of “pochettes”, little bags, has been finalised during Fabienne’s stay. In the foreseeable future we hope to open outlets in several luxury hotels.

Since September of 2016, NAMASTE has relied on the support of a 22 year old Nepalese woman named Sabika Shrestha to empower the women in Rigaon who, for the most part, would benefit from training underwritten by NAMASTE to work in a handicraft workshop (formed by the association in 2014). Sabika has just finished a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and English.

W.E.P. is led by Premkumari Tamang and the treasurer is Umita Tamang. These are the two leaders of the project! Every month Namaste Entrepreneurship Women Saving-Credit Cooperative Ltd collects 100 Nepalese roupies (+/- 1 Euros) for women who then pursue a joint project. This is a small step towards their independence.

We are counting on Sabika to take the initiative and develop the “know how” of the W.E.P.. Presently, she is working on creating a logo, promotional brochures and a Facebook account. In March, she stayed in Rigaon for a month to implement the requests made by the Franco Nepalese Cultural Association and by Namaste.