In agreement with the villagers, NAMASTE has explored the possibility of implementing a local development project in which the women will take part. This will not only enable women to increase their family income, acquire greater skills and learn professional techniques, but will also help them to move towards modernity and achieve an improved status for all women. The WEP (Women Entrepreneurship Programme) includes training, craft workshops (bamboo crafts, sewing and embroidery) and management skills.

Currently the women can meet and continue their training in a rented workshop while waiting for new premises to be built.



The W.E.P. (Women Entrepreneurship Project) has got off to a good start thanks to the support of one of our anonymous donors.




From March to the end of June 2011, 45 women from 9 "wards" of the region benefitted from training in sewing, embroidery, the manufacturing of bamboo objects, as well as jewellery and personalised bags. A Monegasque association placed the first order in October 2011.

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Working bamboo

These young women will in turn be able to pass on their know-how to the 240 women in the area that are part of the initiative.

Groups of young women who have obtained their certificate:

Certificate in bamboo crafts

Certificate in embroidery

Certificate in sweing

Julia Gonnet, a young designer and member of ACFN Avignon, worked alongside these women in Rigaon, teaching them the various manufacturing techniques.