logolife05/01/2017 About Namaste, when and why it was founded? NAMASTE was founded in October 2009 under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II.

It was in February 2009, after a humanitarian trip to Nepal with Mrs Proust, the wife of the former Minister of State, and a group of volunteers that I decided to invest my time and energy in helping the villagers of Rigaon. NAMASTE was founded in October 2009 under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II...... 


Monte-Carlo In : Mercoledì 11 maggio 2016 - NAMASTE aiuta il NEPAL

Membri e volontari dell’associazione che hanno partecipato alle missioni umanitarie degli ultimi 6 anni, si sono ritrovati per una cena conviviale alla Société Nautique di Monaco....

HOLA ! : 11/01/2012 

Albert and Charlene in the heart of the Himalayas

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene made a 3-day visit to the Regaon region in Nepal to offer their support to the humanitarian activities undertaken by the Monaco-based Association Namasté. 

The children and women welcomed Princess Charlene by placing flowers on her path... Prince Albert, who travels the world to defend humanitarian and environmental causes, quoted his father, Prince Rainier: "A country does not have to be big to have big dreams"



Albert and Charlene: Three days on the Himalayan slopes to support humanitarian projects

The Prince and Princess Charlene on a track on the Himalayan slopes. 

1 ) Prince Albert II, his hands together as a salute. The Prince and Princess receive the respects of the Tamangs, the Tibetan population living in this region

2) Opening of the Salleri School during the royal visit


Bunte : 8/12/2011 

Albert and Charlene on the roof of the world

The villagers offered flower necklaces which hang like jewellery around Princess Charlene's neck. Prince Albert holds a bouquet of flowers in his hands, the traditional way of welcoming somebody. 

Albert and Charlene showed no hesitation in crossing the hanging bridges to reach the isolated villages in the Ganesh Himal region...At the opening of the school, the royal couple handed out pencils, exercise books and text books.


1 ) Monaco-Matin 5th December 2011 : Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene travelled to the Himalayas for a 2-day visit of the various humanitarian work under way. 

The Royal Couple, accompanied by Nancy Dotta, President of the Association Namasté, Fabiola Loffredi, Colette Grèves, President of ACFN, a pioneer in humanitarian action in the Rigaon area, and Jean-Nowak from the Monaco Alpine Club... 

2 ) Point de Vue 6th December 2011 : Albert and Charlene, 3 days in the heart of the Himalayas