In 2001, the Franco-Nepalese Cultural Association of Avignon funded the construction and fitting out of a community clinic to meet the needs of the Rigaon population. It was built in the centre of the area, but some villages are a half day's walk away.

The first building houses the doctor's surgery, the treatment and hospitalisation wards and bathrooms; the second, the doctor's residence, consists of one room.


Solar panels installed in 2001 supply the energy necessary.

The doctor, assisted by a nurse, cares for 20 to 70 people a day, including several children. They arrive, together with their mothers, the youngest being carried on their mother's back; they frequently have to be hospitalised so that they can be monitored during the period of treatment.

In February 2012, thanks to the enthusiasm of certain participants of the trek, the community clinic's waiting room and treatment room were decorated. Medicines were arranged properly and the beds repainted. Dr Jacques Rossi and Dr Marie-Claude Pomagalski offered dental care to many patients. They also trained the doctor and his two assistants.



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