In 1999, the construction of the Gamrang dispensary begun and I worked helping with the building plans. Masons and carpenters came from Khumbu and taught the villagers how to cut stones and to place windows in order to create a beautiful construction.

In April 2001, I started working at the Ganesh Himal Health Center and I have been for the last 14 years. In the beginning, my work was quite difficult: I only had a "piun" to help me do the cleaning. From the early morning until late at night, I was working and was treating up to 50/70 patients a day. I was so happy helping people that I did not feel tired, everyone trusted me and my work. Today my job is easier, I simply help and give out appropriate medicine.

With the ACFN Avignon, the Rotary of Menton, the association of Simone Didi and NAMASTE Monaco, an additional building, solar panels and a boiler were installed. The clinic now has 7 rooms and, outside, 3 toilets and a shower. We can also treat teeth and eyes with the equipment provided by the visiting doctors.

My life was also transformed by the new home where I live with Chosang. Our children have grown up and are now studying in Kathmandu. »

Today, Raju sees nearly 6,000 patients a year.


In order to fully understand the situation of the villagers in Rigaon, we will share the incredible story of Raju Tamang who is today the person responsible for the dispensary Ganesh Himal Health Center. Tamang is a role model for many villagers and he is an important mediator for all of our projects in Rigaon. Furthermore, he is the president of the local association NARAA which represents the villagersinterests.