In order to fully understand the situation of the villagers in Rigaon, we will share the incredible story of Raju Tamang who is today the person responsible for the dispensary “Ganesh Himal Health Center”.

Tamang is a role model for many villagers and he is an important mediator for all of our projects in Rigaon. Furthermore, he is the president of the local association NARAA which represents the villagersinterests.

A studious, persistent and courageous child

"I was born 44 years ago in the village of Tawal (Rigaon). My parents were farmers and very poor. My father was enlisted in the Indian Army for 18 years. I am the eldest of 4 children who survived. My childhood in the village consisted of playing and picking berries. Like all children I went to fetch water, wood and grass for my family and our animals.

I was 10 years old when I first attended primary school in Tawal. I enjoyed studying and for the next 5 years, I often came first in my class. Against my parents advice, I left without any money to Saat Dobate where I attended high school. I was 15 when I married Chosang, she was 13. We celebrated very simply and I promised her father to give her a good life.

In Saat Dobate, I was hosted by villagers in a barn. In exchange, I did a few small jobs for them. For food I brought back some millet, "gundrunk" and salt, I prepared my meals myself on a small fire. I studied in the evening until 11pm, in the glow of a small lamp. I had only one uniform which I washed at night and put back on the next day, sometimes still wet! I regularly ranked in the top 3 of the class. Given my living conditions, my family and my teachers were surprised by my results.