NAMASTE Monaco has just financed the purchase of a powerful generator for the dispensary of Gamrang.


In April 2015, several doctors from Monaco will travel to the dispensary in order to assist Raju. The group will be composed of two dentists (Jacques Rossi and Marie-Claude Pomagalski), an ophthalmologist (Jean-Marc Riss), a gynaecologist (Françoise Ragazzoni), a nurse (Audrey Schmidt) and a technician (Essilor) for the glasses machine. Riss and Essilor will be repairing the eye-glasses machine

Updates of patients that Namaste has supported:



  • Petit Ganesh : At the end of September, his father came to collect money to buy his milk. He is in very good health.
  • Sangita: She is in good health, however, we notice that she is not growing as she should, she is currently in grade 3 at a school in Ree.
  • Tari Maya: She is in good health and asks frequently about us all, she is currently in grade 6 at a school in Ree.
  • Aitti Maya: Her condition is improving and she is continuing her treatment against leprosy. She studies at a school in Ree and is currently in grade 4.
  • Buddhi Maya de Richet: she is taking a treatment against diabetes and is expecting a baby.
  • Emmanuyal Tamang: Following his heart operation, he will have to take a treatment for his whole life. However, he is working well and is currently studying in grade 9 in a school in Tawal.