1) Centre for the families of the sick

This building, located close to the community clinic, will welcome the families of the sick from the most remote villages.

An additional storey was added to Doctor Raju's house so that part of the building can be fitted out.

The home will consist of a main room featuring a kitchen area and a few beds; families will therefore be able to bring their food and prepare their meals. Bathrooms are also to be installed on the upper floor.

A preliminary study showed that the building's foundations could support this construction.

Raju and his family will occupy the upper section of the building. 

Prince Albert II was keen to donate a large batch of medicines which were handed over to Raju during the Prince's visit.

Next February, a large delegation of doctors, including dentists, a gynaecologist, a paediatrician and a general practitioner, will take part in our annual trip, thus providing targeted care and training for the doctor and nurse.

2) During their mission in February 2010, the doctors diagnosed serious pathologies in two children.


SANGETA GHALE (6 years old) presented a heart defect (blue-baby syndrome). Thanks to NAMASTE, she underwent surgery in Kathmandu in mid-August 2010.

TARI MAYA (12 years old) had been unable to walk for 3 years. Gangrene had begun to develop on her foot. An examination revealed that she was suffering from bone tuberculosis.


The two little girls, Sangeta Ghale and Tari Maya, who underwent heart and foot surgery respectively, are in very good health today.

During the same trip, 2,000 toothbrushes were distributed to all the children in Rigaon. Doctors taught the children how to brush their teeth properly and gave them advice on hygiene, showing them how important it is to follow a few basic rules in order to prevent disease.

The team of doctors encountered several pathologies, including hepatitis A, tuberculosis, broncho-pulmonary, dermatological and gastro-intestinal problems linked to poverty and lack of hygiene. During the next visit, assistance will be provided to suit local customs.