After the construction of the Rigaon High School, the next step was to follow up with the motivated students and their university studies and jobs and with the schools located in the village (Kathmandu and Pokara.)

During our trip in April of 2015, a few days before the earthquake we met a dozen students from the last class that wanted to pursue their secondary education. The students were individually selected by the head of the school.

The majority of the  boys and girls really impressed us with their motivation to help Rigaon and they really emphasized their wish to return to their village and use their knowledge to help the High school and work on out agricultural project.

We collaborated with Premrose, a base located in Kathmandu which supervised the students, noted their results and helped them find a place to stay in to enable them to visit more often and regularly. The students studied business management, English, Economics and Finances.

  • NAMASTE also helped a young girl with her studies in design at an Art and Fashion based school located in Kathmandu. She will be bringing her fashion ideas to the internet at the end of the 15 month project.
  • Since 2010, NAMASTE has also helped two young children, Urgen and Kunga (brother and sister) who live in Dolpo and with the help of the International School Of Monaco they were able to continue their education in Kathmandu and were also offered a place to live.
  • For the upcoming school year which will begin in April of 2017, NAMASTE has agreed to support five children aged between 5 and 8 years old who will attend Manasarovar Academy in Kathmandu which is where Urgen also goes to school.
  • We also help a young university student, Sonan Dondhup who is 21 years old and is studying aviation at the university of Sathvabama located next to Chennai in India.
  • NAMASTE has also supported four students in the Agricultural Institute (24 months of studies and a 5 month internship period.) which will return to Rigaon to work in the Agriculture project to grow coffee and tea plants in the fields.

We have also funded the studies of a girl who will be studying medicine in Rigaon who will be finishing her last year of Chef de Dispensaire (assisting doctors) She has completed a work experience with a doctor in Kathmandu before joining her father in a clinic.

A medical student who is in his third year of University in China is being supported to pursue his work independently. He has a moral contract with his Godfather and NAMASTE that he will become a doctor in Dhading, a region located next to Rigaon. He contacts us frequently and along with his Godfather he has kept us updated with his exam results and his life in China.

We are extremely happy to be able to follow 30 students in their post graduate education and see many of them return to Rigaon. Even if the organization doesn't have a sponsorship program, anyone who is interested can contacts NAMASTE to support more students. The cost of  education, housing and food is 1000 to 2500 euros per year.